property purchasing procedure

  1. A 10% deposit is payable when a sale is agreed. Once you have decided to buy a property, you will be required to pay between £1000 – £2000 sterling as a goodwill deposit on signing the sales contract. You will need to pay the balance of the 10% deposit when you return to your home country.
  2. You will be need to provide a copy of your passport and 2 passport size photos to let us start the official paperwork.
  3. The copies of your passport, the title deed of the property and other official papers showing the location of the property will all be sent to Army Headquarters in Izmir, where the location of the property is checked to ensure that the property is not within a military zone. (This process takes 6-8 weeks.)
  4. You are advised to set up a bank account as this is the best way to transfer funds both in and out of the country and also is ideal for arranging direct debits for property utility bills, insurance, etc. To open a bank account you will need to get a tax number from the Turkish Authorities (This is refreshingly simple and quick, when compared to the UK process, and simply requires a visit to the Tax Office in Kaş, with a copy of your passport.)
  5. Please make sure that when transferring funds to purchase a property, you enter your full name as sender on the bank transfer documents. The UK bank’s “Priority Payments” system is a quick way to transfer large sums securely.
  6. You have two choices to enable the official steps involved in the transaction to work smoothly without you being in Turkey:
    1. Give a Power Of Attorney to a Lawyer/Solicitor (which will cost you about 1 % of the property value) or
    2. Give a Power Of Attorney to Star Property Services (at no extra charge).

    Either option will enable the legal and financial paperwork to be dealt with on your behalf.

  7. When all the paperwork returns, you will be required to come to Turkey in order to transfer the Title Deed on to your name and pay the balance of the purchase price.