about Kalkan




Kalkan is one of pretty little fishing village on Turkey Mediterranean cost which has been still untouched by mass tourism. The regon attracts visitors with frendly local people, sun, transparent sea water, local foods, fresh fruits and vagatables, the history as far back as Lycian, the gorgeos bay lying in front of the village. The village overlooks the bay in which islands seem magicaly floted upon shimmering sea. Narrow streets twist down to the harbour through old village and are lined with whitewashed houses with shuttered windows situated alongside small local shopes and terrace restaurants. Overhead timber balconies with brillantly coloured bougainvillea cascading to the street below. You can also sit side of the harbour restaurants and watch the fisherman or sailing boats leaving early morning or see them return with the day’s catch in the evening. This is a small village but do not let its size misslead you there is planty to do in kalkan and arround. During the day the town is suprisingly ampty as most visitors prefer sunbathing by the swimming pool in their hired villa, or pebbled local beach, sailing in the bay or go to explore the multitude of anciant lyician and natural site of the area. The village is hassel free and is proud to be so. You will find a mixed population here, consisting mainly of local, some inland turks who own business as well as a small number foreigners who have settled in the town.